Typical options on a page

The Web Site Administrator governs the options that appear on pages in a Web Site. However, the following options typically appear:

  • Log In/ Register (which changes to Logout after you login): Click this button to identify yourself to the system. When you log in for the first time, you create a profile that includes your user information. After you create a profile, you are considered "registered." This option changes to a Logout button. Click Logout to log out of the system. Your profile still remains after you log out, so you don't need to recreate it each time you log in.

  • Participate: To join in any chat sessions, respond to message board topics, or add content (if allowed by the Web Site Administrator), you must click the Participate button.

  • My Profile: Click this button to show your registration information, which you can edit. Registration information includes name, email address, username, and password. My Profile also shows a list of Web Sites in which you participate or participate as the Web Site Administrator. My Profile also lets you control email sent by the system. For information about the My Profile page, see My Profile.

  • Interest Guide: Click this button to show a list of Web Sites within the system database organized by channel (category). For information about the Interest Guide, see Interest Guide.

  • Site Directory: Click this button to show a list of Web Sites within the system. The list can be sorted by alphabet, most recently updated Web Site, Web Site with most content, Web Site with most participants, or relationship to other Web Sites. For information about the Site Directory, see Site Directory.

  • Help: Click this button to display text that explains the page you're viewing. Once you're displaying a Help page, you can click one of the following options at the top of the Help page:

    • Help Topics: Click this to show a complete list of all help topics, organized by what you can do as a participant or as a Web Site Administrator. This is similar to a table of contents in a book.

    • Frequently Asked Questions: Click this to show answers to some questions that users often ask us.

    • Tips and Tutorials: Click this to show some tips about images and page design and also to go to a tutorial on how to use the system.